Grow your Business with Count8 POS Solution for as low as Php2499/month

All-in-one cloud based POS system that combines solutions for front-office, sales and inventory management, financials and analytics in the simplest yet most powerful way.

With its in depth Item Management, Count8 POS allows business owners to fully customize their item list, Whether there is a need to measure the weight of your Burger Patties for your Burger Stand or the amount of Hair Color you need for a treatment at your Beauty Parlor, we can accurately provide the measurement and inventory of your items, supplies and raw materials in real time.

Consolidated and real time sales and inventory reports provides business owners to plan ahead. Imagine having the ability to see and provide stocks before it runs out without having the need to physically visit the outlets. Accurate and real time sales reports will help you focus on a particular branch or a particular item of your business. And all these with just the use of an internet ready computer or mobile device.

Count8 POS Solution Features

Real Time Reports – Sales and inventory reports updates after every transaction and process. No cut-off needed. Every update, transaction and report can be accessed realtime.

Accurate – Computations are done by the system hence, human errors are kept at the very minimum. Each transaction is recorded and be pulled out anytime.

Portable – Transaction can be processed, and reports can be viewed thru any web/internet capable device anytime anywhere. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones can be used to access with internet capable web browser.

Online Support – We have an online support which you can contact if any problem arise.

Store and Item Management for every business needs

In depth Item Management – Fully customizable item management.

Item Delivery Receiving – Send and receive supplies, raw materials and items with ease.

Branch and Store Management – Manage stores and branches individually or collectively based on your needs.

BIR Accredited / Accounting Standard Solutions

Sales Analytics – Track the sales growth or decline compared with the previous day, week, month and promptly react to changes..

Employee Accuracy Tracking – Identify the cash shortage at the end of the shift and track employees’ inaccuracy or manipulations.

Accounting Solutions – Count8 POS is a BIR Accredited tool and thoroughly checked by our licensed accounting and BIR accredited professionals.

What We Use

Count8 uses the latest web development tools and frameworks to ensure compatibility at any platform. Whether it is Windows or MAC OS, Android or IOS, the Cloud based software we provide will be 100% compatible. Our Developers utilizes PHP as its main back-end programming code. HTML 5.0 and CSS as its front-end user interface. These are the same languages used by web applications such as Facebook, Google and Youtube. As such, Count 8 can provide business owners with cloud based business solutions such as POS, ERP, CRM and so much more. Thus, it boosts of the following features:

● A fully customizable system based on your processes and requirements

● Accessible anytime, anywhere, and with any device (Computers, laptops, Tablets or mobile phones)

● With real-time figures where reports are generated from real-time data

● Sleek and responsive web application

● Highly secured database where the data is safe even if there is a power outage or when the device being used breaks down

Web or Cloud Based Apps are the next level of software. Unlike traditional software, web applications are installed in the cloud. This makes it accessible anytime, anywhere through any web browser of any device (e.g. laptop, tablets, mobile phones, and computers). Web application utilizes a centralized database. That means if a staff adds a new sales transaction, the data transmitted can be viewed real-time, anytime, anywhere. Just imagine being able to monitor your business even when you are out of the country.






Php 2,499.00/mo


Php 7,499.00/mo

Cloud Base (Cashier Interface)
Offline Mode (Cashier Interface)     
Comprehensive Item Management
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Item Categories
User Management
Unlimited Users
Unlimited User Groups
Delivery Receiving
Purchase Order
Expenses Management
Chart of Accounts
Email Alerts
Items in Critical Levels
Inventory Report
Sales Report
Expected Yield Reports
Expenses Report
Monthly Financial Statements
Number Branches Single Single
Basic Tax Returns
2551Q(Percentage Tax)
2550M/Q(Monthly/Quarterly VAT)

We Can Make Your Business Accounting Easy For You

We design business solutions in collaboration with licensed accounting professionals so we can apply accounting standards in terms of business process and bookkeeping.

The business solution softwares we provide are designed to help manage the bookkeeping of your sales and business transactions and ease your tax computations and business registrations.

We also provide Bookkeeping and Accounting, Tax Computation and preparation of Returns, Payroll Outsourcing and Business Registration services thru our partner XSOS International


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